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One of the biggest goal of EMI is to develop people spiritually and professionally. Click below to find out more about how EMI continues to impact people.


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Just as God’s concern is for the

whole world, so should we have a concern for the whole world. EMI worked on over 100projects all over the world. Below find out what kind of projects I might be involved in.


Gwendoline Albright


I am a 2020 graduate from Andrews University with a Masters of Architecture, B.S. of Architecture with honors and a certificate in leadership. I am now an Intern at the Engineering Ministries International USA office, where I will be receiving professional and spiritual discipleship, while learning how to use my faith, education, and skills to serve and build the kingdom of God all around the world.

I am originally from Burundi and Rwanda. I am currently an associate member of the

American Institute of Architect (AIA), serve as a writer in the AIAS CRIT journal Issue 90, and actively pursuing architecture licensure.

After graduating in a world wide pandemic, as a world changer, an emerging professional, and an aspiring architect, I’ve grown the desire to go against the status quo to be a conduit of God’s love, hope, and light for the nations through architectural services, good stewardship, and ministering to people in need. Join me as I discover how to do so.


My desire is to expand my architectural abilities and understanding , while aligning my passions, degrees, gifts, and talents to impact the world.

My aspirations as a future architect post-pandemic.

As an aspiring architect, my hope is that the rising generation of professionals would see the potential of architecture has as a vehicle for the world’s need for change and aim at intentionally impact the world through true stewardship from individuals’ experience, education, and careers; a gift for which we are all accounted for.

Graduating in the midst of a


What if this unusual graduation in an unusual time was meant for unusual people to go into an unusual world with unusual blessings to make an unusual difference? Besides, "Whether or not you experience the beauty of the sunset, does not change the fact that the sun did set and that a new day is going to come and will be experienced".

The last fall I interned with EMI, a Christian nonprofit organization to design a world of hope.

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about working at EMI.

“While working for EMI this summer I have seen how important intentional architecture is to the countries we are serving like Malawi. It's been really fun to work alongside people who cares about what they are doing and who they are designing for."

EMI Internship

2021 Summer intern

“It's been humbling and also just eye opening for us Christians to see how architects and Engineers can do for this world. There is for sure a great need for them in this world. And as Christians, it is part of our calling to be sent out and enhance the world.

EMI internship

2021 Summer Intern

“I have enjoyed working at EMI and learning how to serve people with the gifts that God has given me through school and outside. It's been great to be able to use architecture to serve communities around and across the world.

EMI Internship

2021 Summer Intern

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